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Do you have a space in your salon that is currently under used? Maybe a chair, or a booth, or even a room for more private service offerings, such as waxing, massage, etc. Would you like to make money from that space with as little effort as booking a client? Then you are in the right place.

At, we advertise YOUR AVAILABLE SPACE on popular job sites related to the salon industry. As stylists contact our Rental Specialists, we inform them of your policies, your expectations and your compensation packages for services and products they might sell to their clients while the clients are there.

Once the Stylist has met all of OUR requirements and completed ALL of the paperwork, we forward the information for that Pre Qualified Candidate to you. You have total control over who you hire. There is never any pressure from us.

Once you have completed your interview, WE WILL TAKE OVER THE BOOKING PROCESS FROM THERE.

Our system encourages a 8 week booking of a single time slot (or more slots, dependent on the Stylist’s Current Client List and Services Offered). During that time, we will work with the stylist to expand their business, so that at the end of the initial 8 week booking, they have the steam to continue growing their business in that time slot. Our ultimate goal, is to book as many slots as that stylist WANTS AND CAN MAXIMIZE FOR YOU and make them a permanent revenue generating machine for your salon.

How much does it cost? Nothing up front. The system pays for itself. From your first rental payment you will receive revenue, GUARANTEED. What’s the catch? There truly isn’t one. We are offering you income from lost potential with as little effort as possible, with no upfront or out of pocket costs.

As we roll out this new system, we are offering CITY WIDE EXCLUSIVITY for the 1st 3 months, SO BE THE 1st IN YOUR CITY to turn Lost Revenue into FOUND TREASURE.

    • Increase your Revenue
    • Increase your Profits
    • Bring more clients into your salon
    • Have those clients purchase other products and services for even MORE profit

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