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Are you a hair stylist, esthetician, nail stylist or offer other services typically found in a Hair or Beauty Salon?

Maybe you’re looking for a new salon to bring your business, or new, looking to build a business?Then you are in the right place.

At, we offer Salon Space for Rent or Lease and put you in contact with the owner in a fast, friendly and efficient manner. Right from the beginning, you will be informed of the type of space, available slots, Salon policies, other compensation, rules for bringing YOUR CLIENTS, rules for developing new clients, and what other compensation is offered for selling other Salon Products and Services your clients will use.

SIMPLE, no guess work, no “squishy” deals, no visiting salons and begging for time to speak to a busy owner. When your package is placed in front of the Salon Owner, you have their undivided attention. It works for you & it works for them.

How much time can you rent?

Depending on your current client list and services offered, we evaluate your needs and MAXIMIZE your time and buying power.

How does the space rental work?

Once you are approved by the owner, we will find the best time slot for you, your business and your current clients. Rent a 1/2 day, FULL Day, Saturday, Monday, whatever works for you. Our minimum booking is 8 weeks per time slot, because we want you to have the time to get settled, give your clients time to adjust and create consistency in your business. After 8 weeks, we want you to stay and continue to be successful.

Don’t have clients or want to expand your client base?

We offer a program to assist you in marketing your services and building your business. We’ll even give you a free web page to showcase your portfolio, services and pricing.

Need another time slot?

Let’s grow your business and expand your reach.

Why does this work for me?

Because as a new or established stylist, it gives you the chance to build a focused business without a full time chair or space rental. Work the hours that work best for you and your Clients, and we’ll help you grow your business to meet your needs. Rent a 1/2 day, FULL Day, Saturday, Monday, whatever works for you.

What does this service cost?

Your time and your will to succeed. Rental rates vary, but are disclosed on the property page when you chose a salon, or even multiple salons.

Sound too good to be true?

It might be!!! So quick, before we realize we’ve made a mistake, give us your NAME, EMAIL, and PHONE NUMBER and one of our Salon Space Rental Specialists will call you to find out how we can assist you in reaching your business goals and dreams.

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